Alessandro Quasimodo


He graduated at “Piccolo Theatre” of Milan and attended an improver diploma under the direction of Lee Strasberg at Festival of Due Mondi of Spoleto where he made his debut with “Motivo di scandalo” of Osborne, directed by Lamberto Puggelli; he had a part in “Unterdenlinden” directed by Roberto Roversi, directed by Raffaele Majello, “Timone d’Atene” by Shakespeare (Marco Bellocchio), “Il bagno” by Majakowski (Franco Parenti) at “Piccolo Theatre” of Milan. For the first time in Italy successfully in Stanley “Il compleanno” by Harold Pinter, directed by Massimo Binazzi. In 1972, at the National Populaire Theatre of Lion, the “Principe Gonzaga” in “Massacro a Parigi” by Marlowe, directed by Patrice Chéreau; Blepiro in “Utopia” by Aristofane, directed by Luca Ronconi.
Since ’75 till ’78 with Pierlombardo Theatre of Franco Parenti he had a part in numerous shows as “Il Misantropo” by Molière, “Il Macbetto” by Giovanni Testori, “Il gigante nano” by Frank Wedekind.
Since 1979 till today he dedicated almost entirely in searching for the poetry developed from show to show, making use of rough scenographic and musical elements, he got good results of communicability, rapresented in numerous cities, in Italy and abroad and in international festival as the TaorminaArte 2007.
He had a part in numerous cinematographic productions, as “Il fischio al naso”, directed by Ugo Tognazzi, “Tutto a posto, niente in ordine” by Lina Wertmuller, “Roma” and “Casanova” by Federico Fellini, “Questo è il giardino” by Giovanni Maderna; and television , as “Storia di Anna”, “La commediante veneziana”, “Piccolo mondo antico” directed by Salvatore Nocita; “La commediante veneziana”, “Piccolo mondo antico” directed by Salvatore Nocita; “La donna in bianco”, directed by Mario Morini, “ll Conte Montecristo” di Ugo Gregoretti.
He comes to the direction, starting from the research into the poetry of italian theatre: in this ambit, we remind at the minimum l”Aminta” of Tasso (1984), “Oreste” by Alfieri (1985) producted by Scala Theatre for l’Estate d’arte in Milan; “La città morta” by D’Annunzio (1987 – 88). With Franca Nuti and Luciana Savignano, he is actor and director, as well as adapter of test of “Fuori non ci sono che ombre, e cadono”, dedicated to the figures of Quasimodo and the dancer Maria Cumani (Piccolo Theatre, Milan 2003).
For Rai he also looked after a cycle of 20 transmissions of italian poetry between 800 and 900 with the title “Saltimbanchi dell’anima”, and collaborates with the switzerland radio of italian language.
Recently he had a part in projects as “Virgilio”, a trip across the biography and the poems of the italian poet, flanked by some protagonists of italian theatre, as Paola Gassmann, Ottavia Piccolo and
Giuliana Lojodice.
For the italian institute of Culture of Budapest, he was the voice in “Dante Sinphonie” by Franz Listz with the piano duo Bresciani – Nicolosi (march 2007).