Stefano Bardella


He gratuated at the Academy of Music “G. Verdi” of Milan, histown under the leadership of Maurizio Ben Omar. He finished improving orchestra class at the International Academy of Music, under the leadership of David Searcy, Jonathan Scully and Mike Quinn.
He played classics of ‘900 and contemporary italian and foreign authors in various chamber formations.
He founded and coordinated a Group of chamber music that performs a repertoire of ‘900 (Bartòk, Jolivet, Bernstein, Cage, Helweg…); with this group he played at Sala Verdi of Milan and for the Quartet Society of Bergamo. At the present time he collaborates as drummer and as kettledrummer with Symphonyc Orchestra “G. Verdi” of Milan, with Haydn Orchestra of Trento and Bolzano, with Stable Orchestra of Bergamo, with Symphonic “A.Toscanini” Orchestra of Parma, with Italian Philharmonic Orchestra of Piacenza and the National Rai Symphonic Orchestra of Torino. He is part of the group “Linea Ensemble”.